Top notch quality foie gras
and geese meat products


Quality is the key success factor of FUA GRA brand geese meat products. FUA GRA is made due to sophisticated and fine-tuned by ages French traditions. Our delicacy product is developed with the latest technological, quality control and environment friendly approaches.

Breeding and fattening methods used for FUA GRA production which take into account of nature and of the welfare of the birds, are now the guarantee of consistent optimal quality.


Quality of products is a result of very strict control of standards.

Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm is certified in the production process, the enterprise follows strict quality controls that meet international ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system) and ISO 22000:2005 (food safety management system) standards.

In July 2013, Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm had already obtained a European register number 09-12-01 РМ issued by SANCO. Since December, 2013 Farm is exporting their products to EU.